Diego Gabriel Imperiale, born in Buenos Aires Argentina. Singer, actor and musician, voice teacher, certified Estill Master Trainer from Estill Voice International. He studied in USA with Kim Steinhauer, president of the Estill organization, now assisting her in some of her international courses in english.


He has been certified by maestro Alejandro Saorín Martínez (Italy) and he’s also an assistant to Alejandro himself on his Spanish speaking international Estill courses. He is one of the two Latin American Estill Master Trainers in the world. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he trains the voice of many successful singers.

He participated in some diverse musical theater roles:


Jesus Christ Superstar (as Jesus)

Les Miserables (as Marius),

Beauty and the Beast (as Lumiere).


He played the role of Paul McCartney for more than 10 years in different Beatle bands throughout the Latin American Beatle scene.

As an actor he was the face of “Coca Cola” for the 125 year anniversary commercial for Spain and many other places in Europe. He was chosen by Academy Award Winner director Armando Bo for the role.


He was also part of the cast in the film “Christmas in Miami” directed by Robert O. Peters and produced and starred by AY Makun, shot in the United States.


Directed, starred and produced the project “Avenida Broadway”, a Broadway musicals cabaret that ran for a year and a half in Buenos Aires and had two shows in Columbus, Ohio, USA as well.


He did shows in Tecnópolis Argentina as a singer and musician with his former pop/rock band “Absurda Atracción” under the production of Club Media Networks, awarded by YouTube as one of the most important influencers’ producers for Latin America.

Diego is also trained in classical singing as a baroque counter tenor by counter tenor maestro Sergio Pelacani (Boston/Buenos Aires), tenor maestro Thomas Clark (California) and Estill Voice mentor Alejandro Saorín Martínez (Italy).

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