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Diego Imperiale.

Master Trainer in Estill Voice International


Assistant Teacher to Estill EMCI and president of Estill Voice International Dr. Kimberly Steinhauer


Assistant Teacher to Estill EMCI and Opera stars teacher Alejandro Saorín Martínez


Estill Voice is the revolutionary method for the voice, based in scientific investigations about the functioning of the whole phonatory system. Many experienced actors, singers and other professionals are seeking this type of training to update their abilities based on modern discoveries about the voice.


Contact my assistant for personal lessons, group lessons, coaching for auditions and role prep, practice for EFP Estill official exams.


from professionals who trust me

Rodrigo Tapari

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

I can see how my voice has evolved; I think what I could do in “Singing with the Stars” I couldn’t have done if I hadn’t started practicing all this. It is a profound vocal study called Estill Voice, maybe it’s not that much famous but I can assure you it is effective and only people like him, that have been instructed this much, can explain it the way he does.

Mariano Zito
Singer, Actor, Musical Theater Performer.
Rock of Ages, Sunset Boulevard, Tommy, Freddie Mercury in Queen Tribute

In the last 2 years I had been looking for specific solutions to my vocal technique, because of troubles I had trying to reach my upper register and also with handling distortion in my sound. Thanks to Diego I found and understood Estill Voice and we could identify some problems such as no dissociation where, without wanting, I was overdoing things in phonation, things I couldn’t control and were tiring me. Now I feel much freer with my voice and I can do things that I couldn’t do before.

Athenas Venica

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist – Catholic Music

I have been working with Diego for a year now with my voice. I am an artist that tours too

much and over so many shows my voice started to get tired some times. When I called him to train me and told him what was happening, he took me in and completely helped my singing in just a few lessons. My technique has improved so much in so little time that it feels overwhelming. This definitely updated my abilities to perform and to fulfill my commitment to give my voice for The Lord in an even stronger and extensive way.

Magui Olave

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

After one lesson with Diego I could understand what I was doing wrong, the truth is I had never had this in mind or realized it, or nobody ever had tried this with me. I was able to sing more comfortable and reached the high notes without any trouble and finished the show with my cords in perfect condition, without fatigue o lack of voice.

Meri Deal

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

In a few lessons with Diego I got a world of new possibilities with my own voice. One I know and have been working for years! But with one hour with Diego I can achieve things that I didn’t think possible, or required a lot of effort.

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